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Friday, February 16, 2007


A machine having all its bodily or translatory movements and the operation of the interior mechanism
controlled from a distance without wires. The crewless boat shown in the photograph contains its own
motive power, propelling--and steering-machinery, and numerous other accessories, all of which are
controlled by transmitting from a distance, without wires, electrical oscillations to a circuit carried by the
boat and adjusted to respond only to these oscillations.

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Tesla's "Thought Photography" Machine
This was perhaps Nikola Tesla's most fantastic invention, a device for photographing thought Tesla once
said in 1933, when 78 years old, "I expect to photograph thoughts... In 1893, while engaged in certain
investigations, became convinced that a definite image formed in thought, must by reflex action, produce
a corresponding image on the retina, which might be read by a suitable apparatus. This brought me to my
system of television which announced at that time... My idea was to employ an artificial retina receiving
an object of the image seen, an optic nerve and another retina at the place o reproduction... both being
fashioned somewhat like a checkerboard, with the optic nerve being a part of earth. "Tesla made his
transition before revealing to many details of his invention. The above were taken from a newspaper
interview that was released to wire services on September 10, 1933.
Anti-Gravity & the Wall of Light
When matter is considered to be linked by electromagnetic wave propagations from the sun, manifesting
as sunlight, then a literal Wall of Light can be created, and through this wall, all manifestations of time,
space, gravity and matter can be manipulated. The mystical Wall of Light, used frequently in Tesla
references, and is the tide of a book about Tesla, is allegorical to columns of light in the sky, and to the
manipulation of energy and matter.
Tesla was unquestionably a visionary and a mystic. Anti-gravity airships were typically depicted in
illustrations of his interviews and advanced predictions. He often spoke of the coming world in which
anti-gravity aircraft will carry cargo across the continent, drawing power from centrally located power
stations along the earth grid.
Tesla has been credited with several space drives, though plans that have been published are dubious. In
his mind he had no doubt created an electro-gravitic craft that would draw power from his Wardenclyffe
Tower plant. Could such a craft have ever been built in secret? Tesla certainly had the plans for such a
craft in his head--all he needed was a wealthy financier. Perhaps a Jules Verne-type character like
Captain Nemo.
It is interesting to note here that Tesla's electric submarine could also be the proto-design for the airship,
as these cigar-shaped craft can allegedly go underwater, and act as submarines, as well as airships.
Teleportation and Time Travel Devices
Tesla's Death Ray, a kind of radio-wave-scalar weapon or ultra-sound gun, was the stepping stone to
more important inventions, like teleportation and Time Travel devices. H.G. Wells had already
popularized the idea, but Tesla may have actually experimented with such devices.
With such popular time-travel tales as The Philadelphia Experiment and The Montauk Project, it would
only seem natural that secret government research on time-travel and teleportation would owe something
to the work of Nikola Tesla. If Tesla was truly the genius that some believe he was, he could have made
his own time-machine and gone into the future, or maybe teleport himself to Mars. Perhaps he built a
flying saucer and flew away, after cleverly faking his death.
Tesla was like an odd-ball hero from the past. A literal Man Out of Time. He had visions of his
inventions, even as a teenager.
Tesla and Atlantis
According to the Unarius Academy of San Diego, California, Nikola Tesla was the reincarnation of an
Adantean engineer and inventor who was responsible for the energy supply first used to power on a now
destroyed island in the Atlantic. According to Unarius, from the great central pyramid in Atlantis, power
beams would be relayed from reflectors on mountaintops into the Afferent homes where these power
beams would be converted into light, heat 0r even to cool the house.
According to Unarius, a round glass globe or sphere about afoot in diameter was filled with certain rare
gases that would fluoresce and give off a soft white light, just as does a modern fluorescent light. Heating
or cooling was also quite simple: Air being made up of molecules of gases, each molecule composed of a

number of atoms. Electrical energy of a certain frequency was then radiated through the air and converted
into heat trough "hysteresis" in the electromagnetic fields of the atoms.
According to Unarius, the same proposition in reverse makes the air become cold. Similarly, the
atmosphere on the earth is always converting certain electromagnetic energy into heat. Speakingfrom the
point of absolute zero (495 degrees Fahrenheit), all air on the surface of the earth is comparatively warm,
even at the poles.
Cooling or heating the air at any given point means merely to decrease or increase the "electromagnetic
hysteresis." As a definition for a Pabst hysteresis-synchronous motor, Unarius says that it is the "inductive
principle of cosmic hysteresis, and add that the reference to "hysteresis" is not the earth-electronics
definition, but rather an electromagnetic conversion process wherein cyclic (4di dim.) waveform-
structures are transformed into lower (3rd dim.) waveform-structures."
Minoan homes are used as an example, where it is said that a small object afoot or so square sitting on the
floor of any room could be both the heater and the cooler. It would, according to the dictates of a
thermostat, radiate certain energies into the room which would either slow down hysteresis and make the
air cooler or speed up hysteresis and make the air warmer; a far different process than our present-day
crude, clumsy, inefficient and enormous heating and cooling systems which must always either heat air in
a furnace or cool it by means of refrigeration and, with a fan, blow it into the room through a large duct.
The Adantean Power System
Tesla's Adantean power system, according to Unarius, was a huge rotating squirrel-cage generator turned
by a motor was linked up to an electronic computer which was housed in a twenty-foot square metal box
on the floor just above the generator. This computer automatically made and broke connections--with
banks of power collector cells on the outside pyramid surface in such a sequential manner that a
tremendous oscillating voltage was built up. On the ten-foot ball which stood atop the metal box, this
oscillating electricity discharged more than six hundred feet straight up to a similar metal ball hanging
down from the pyramid apex on a long metal rod.
Unarius compares the Atlantean-Tesla system to that of a 1900's scientist named Steinmetz, a friend of
Tesla's. Steinmetz hurled thunder-bolts from two large metal spheres one hundred feet apart in a manner
which is somehow strangely similar to the process used in the Atlantean Pyramid 16,000 years ago. This
discharge across the two metal balls served as a tank-circuit, as it is called and again a similarity to our
modern early-day wireless, a motor turning a rimless rotary wheel from which protruded a number of
spokes, actually electrodes A the wheel rotated about 2,000 rpm (rotations per minute), a sizzling white
spark jumped from the spokes to another electrode placed about one-half inch away from the spokes. It
was this spark-gap which created the necessary high-intensity voltage.
According to Unarius, on top of the Adantean pyramid was a fifty-foot metal column, something like a
thick flagpole, which terminated in a circular bank of what looked like the spokes on a wheel. About ten
feet long and sixteen inches in diameter, these spokes protruded at a number of irregular intervals, each
one carefully sighted like a rifle, to a near or distant receiver. These spokes were actually composed of an
exotic mixture of metals and formed into a homogeneous, crystalline aggregate under extreme pressure
and magnetic hysteresis. Each rod or spoke then contained billions of tiny crystals; each one pointed, so
to speak, toward the outside flat of the rod. They absorbed energy and like a boy who'd eaten too much
watermelon, they reached certain capacity and discharged their energy toward the outside end of the rod.
The net total of these charge and discharge oscillations were on the order of millions of megacycles per
second and as they functioned from the end of the rod, a beam of pure coherent energy emerged--and at
the rate of more than 186,000 miles per second straight to a receiver, abeam of enormous power. How
similar to our present first versions of the laser: A six-inch synthetic ruby rod, one inch in diameter and
containing many chromium molecules; these chromium molecules were charged with electricity from an
outside source of condenser banks and other associated equipment which generated a high-frequency
impulse. As the chromium molecule atoms reached their saturation point, they discharged their energies
which began to oscillate ping-pong fashion from each end of the optically-ground and slivered ends of the

rod. When this oscillating energy reached a certain point, it discharged through the more lightly silvered
end in a single straight coherent beam of great intensity and power.
The power beams which emerged from the Atlantis pyramid were intercepted by similar metallic rods of
crystallized metal which, because they oscillated in a similar manner an frequency, presented no
resistance to the enormous power of the beam. The beam then traveled straight through the rod or was
broken up and separated into separate beams by a crystal prism, which again sent beams pulsating
through crystalline rods and on a new tangent to another receiver.
In utilizing these power beams in a dwelling, a metal ball fitted on top of a metal rod, like a small
flagpole, contained a crystal of certain prismatic figurations which directed the beam down through the
hollow center of the rod to a disburser instrument which energized the entire house by means of induction
so that the round milky-white crystal globes would glow with light, motors turn, etc.
The Generator-Oscillator Banks
Unarius's technical description goes on to describe the generator-oscillator hanks beneath the pyramid and
the generation of the 'flame'. In the subterranean chamber beneath the floor stood a motor-generator
combination mounted on a vertical shaft. This piece of machinery "worked exactly similar to our present
day Pabst synchronous-hysteresis motor, that is, exactly in reverse to ordinary motors which have a rotor
rotating inside fixed stationary field coils. In the Pabst motor, the rotor is stationary and the metal field
terminals rotate around it, similar to a squirrel cage.
The Adantean motor-generator combination works as follows: a huge externally-powered, (AC.)
alternating current motor rotated the squirrel cage which was actually a large number of extremely
powerful high-gauss, high-intensity magnets affixed to the metal frame which rotated around what would
normally be the rotor which was made from a high-permeability, soft iron core. Wound around a large
number of these poles were almost countless thousands of turns of insulated wire.
"These coils were, in turn, connected up to different banks of cells on the outside skin surface of the
pyramid. The sequence of this wiring was such, that when the magnets turned around the rotor, the cells
and the magnetic currents so generated were in extremely rapid sequence which built up an extremely
high-frequency oscillating voltage which discharged across the two balls which I described previously.
The purpose of this gap was to stabilize these oscillations under resistive conditions in open air.
"Increasing the frequency increases the voltage or power which is why a laser beam can pierce a diamond
with less energy than would light a small flashlight. The energy from a five-foot long lightning bolt from
a Tesla coil (500,000 Cycles per second) is less than two millionths of all ampere and would cause only a
mild tingling sensation. A lightning bolt traveling from a cloud to the earth contains only enough energy
to light a hundred-watt bulb for about thirty seconds."
According to Unarius, electronic scientists of today "are still a bit mixed up on the proposition of voltage
versus frequency. They string 1/2 inch thick laminated cable across the countryside for hundreds of miles
from tall steel towers and push electricity through these cables in far-away cities at voltages in excess of
300,000 and at only 60 cycles per second alternating frequency, whereas a small pencil-thin power beam
oscillating at hundreds of millions of times per second could be reflected from tower to tower across
country; one beam carrying sufficient power to energize the largest city."
Protective Metal Helmets
According to Unarius, and other esoteric groups that expound on ancient science, in ancient Egypt,
Mexico, and other lands where there were pyramids the Egyptians and others tried to duplicate the round
spoke-like wheel which glowed with a blue-white corona and which shot beams of intense light in
different directions. The Egyptians topped their stone pyramid with a large ball-like contrivance covered
with small plates of pure polished gold in a scale-like manner; and as the earth turned, shafts of light were
reflected in all directions.


Several thousands of years later, these metal
balls with scales of gold had disappeared, so had
the alabaster white coating except for small
sections near the top, in order to use the smaller
surface stones in nearby cities for building
The modern Egyptians wore in their temples and
palaces a metallic headdress and woven metal
scafes interwoven with threads of gold which
hung down over their shoulders just as they did
in the ancient Atlantis when, after the scientists
had gone, the Atlanteans started to worship the
flame in the temple pyramid.
Unarius mentions that the metallic headdress
plus a metallic robe was necessary to protect
them from the strong electromagnetic field in the pyramid and through various priesthoods the metallic
headdress has arrived in our present modern time in the form of a scarf worn by women in a Catholic
church, or the uraeus worn by the priest.
Here we see how the Egyptian gold headdress may have originated from the ancient Adantean power
station engineers, and it is fascinating to note that the celebrated Face On Mars is also wearing a similar
protective helmet! Are the pyramids of Mars part of a similar Adantean Power system as Tesla was
planning to build on earth? This brings us to the final mystery of Nikola Tesla: his involvement with
Guglielmo Marconi and the Pyramids of Mars.

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